To get pure copper from impure copper by electrolysis answer the following
A.NAme the prosses
b.Name the cathode and anode
c.Why acid must be present in  the electrolite.
d.what willbe the change in the concentration of acid inthe solution t the end of the process.
e.If anode is replaced by graphite what will be the change in  the concentration of acid
     after eletrolysis.
State your observations at anode and eletrolytes in above two processes.

Asked by tarinchpani | 2nd Jan, 2016, 10:12: PM

Expert Answer:

A. The process is called as electrolytic refining.
B. Cathode:Thin strip of pure copper
     Anode: Impure copper
C. The addition of acid enhances the conductivity of the electrolyte and may prevent its hydrolysis.
D. The sulphate ion does not take part in the reaction and the concentration of the copper sulphate in solution does not change.
E. Replacement by graphite electrode will not make any difference as it is an inert eletcrode.

Answered by Arvind Diwale | 4th Jan, 2016, 06:05: PM