To frame a quadratic polynomials with given Sum and Product of the zeroes its general form is 

x*x-(sum of the zeroes )x+(product of the zeroes);

Then what is the generalm form to form a cubic polynomial.

Asked by ahilanusivani | 26th Apr, 2014, 06:52: PM

Expert Answer:

i f space t h e space r o o t s space o f space a n y space c u b i c space e q u a t i o n space b e space alpha comma space space beta space a n d space gamma comma space t h e n  x cubed minus x squared open parentheses alpha plus beta plus gamma close parentheses plus x open parentheses alpha beta plus beta gamma plus gamma alpha close parentheses minus alpha beta gamma

Answered by  | 26th Apr, 2014, 08:14: PM

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