tips for getting out of out in mole concept problems along with hard work and practice

Asked by ushanihar12 | 18th Mar, 2019, 04:20: PM

Expert Answer:

Following are the important formulae to solve numerical based on mole concept:
Try to remember the formulae and there use.Practice as many as problems you can for better understanding.
Important formulae of mole concept:

Mole and Gram Atomic Mass: One mole of atoms                = 6.022 ×1023 atoms

                                                                                               = Gram atomic mass of an element

                                                                                               = 1 gram atom of the element


Mole and Gram Molecular Mass: One mole of molecules = 6.022 ×1023 molecules

                                                                                           = Gram molecular mass

                                                                                           = 1 gram molecule of the compound


Mole in terms of volume:               One mole of a gas          = 22.4 litres at S.T.P.


Moles of an element = Mass of the element

                                 Atomic mass or GA.W


Moles of a compound = Mass of the compound

                                    Molecular mass or GMW


Mass of one atom = Atomic Mass or GAW

                                6.022 × 1023


Mass of one molecule = Molecular Mass or GAW

                                             6.022 × 1023


Number of molecules = Moles × 6.022 ×1023


Number of atoms = Moles × 6.022 ×1023


Answered by Ramandeep | 19th Mar, 2019, 12:41: PM