three men in aboat..!!
plzz tell me that in sa1 exams what type of 10 marks ques we can get?? can it be any incidence or a humour... my syllabus is first 10 chapters..of three men in aboat by jerome k jerome.. plzz tell i have my exam on friday plz tell me what type of ques or incidences we can get???

Asked by shrutichadha05 | 10th Sep, 2014, 11:01: PM

Expert Answer:

You have to prepare long answers that may be based on topics such as:

  • Theme of the novel
  • Character sketch
  • Plot of the novel (story) 
  • Questions based on incidences.

One long answer may carry 8 marks and you are expected to answer in 150 words.

The other long answer may carry 7 marks and you are expected to answer in 130 words.

Here is an outline of the novel.

Three Men in a Boat is a novel by Jerome K. Jerome. It follows the story of three men who go on a boat trip. The novel is narrated by person named J, who along with his friends, takes a trip along the river Thames.

The novel starts with J, George and William Samuel Harris smoking together in J’s apartment. They discuss their anxiety regarding the diseases they may be suffering from and decide to do some research of their own. J suspects that he may be suffering from every disease known to mankind except for the Housemaid’s Knee. As a remedy for all their ailments, the three decide to take a vacation for a fortnight in a country side. The three, along with the dog Montmorency, go on a boat ride along the river Thames.

After a lot of planning and packing, the three embark on the trip.  Hilarity ensues when they go through a lot of misadventures. In the end, tired of all the mishaps, the three decided to abandon the boat and the trip.

Answered by Sandhya Raghavan | 11th Sep, 2014, 12:17: PM

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