this is question from current electricity Q_ the amount of charge q passed in time t through a cross section of wire is q=5t*t+3t+1. the value of the current at timet=5 sec is A- 9A B-49A C-53A D-NONEOFTHESE ANS GIVEN TO THIS IS 53A. BUT HOW DID IT COME?

Asked by Ishita Tandon | 4th Aug, 2010, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

The instantaneous current = i = dq/dt = d(5t2+ 3t + 1)/dt = 10t + 3
And at t = 5 sec, i = 10x5 + 3 = 53 s.

Answered by  | 4th Aug, 2010, 12:53: PM

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