the value of vanderwalls constant b is b=4VN, what does N represent here

Asked by anirbanbag81 | 10th Dec, 2017, 06:26: PM

Expert Answer:

          begin mathsize 16px style The space van space der space waals space constant space straight b space is space related space to space the space volume space of space molecules space which space is space equal space to space four space times space the space actual space volume space of space one space mole space of space gas space molecule.
Thus comma
straight b equals space 4 VN space
where comma space straight V equals space volume space of space molecules equals space open parentheses 4 over 3 πr squared close parentheses
and space straight N space equals space Avog a dro apostrophe straight s space constant end style

Answered by Ramandeep | 11th Dec, 2017, 04:36: PM