The Story Of my Life : Helen Keller
Q.1.a)Emumerate some of the major difficulties and drawbacks in attending college according to helen.
b)What were her expericences in the second year at the college ?

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Expert Answer:

a) Helen entered the Cambridge School for Young Ladies, to be prepared for Radcliffe. Her instructors there had no experience in teaching special pupils, and Helen’s only means of conversing with them was reading their lips. Miss Sullivan could not spell out in her hand all that the books required, and it was very difficult to have textbooks embossed in time to be of use to Helen. She had to copy her Latin in Braille for a while so that she could recite with the other girls. Helen’s instructors soon became sufficiently familiar with her imperfect speech and could answer her questions readily and correct the mistakes. Although she could not make notes in class or write exercises; she wrote all her compositions and translations at home on her typewriter.
b) When Helen began her second year at the Gilman school, during the first few weeks she was confronted with unforeseen difficulties. Many of the books she needed had not been embossed in time, and she lacked important apparatus for some of her studies. The classes were very large, and it was impossible for the teachers to give Helen special instruction. Miss Sullivan was obliged to read all the books to her, and interpret for the instructors, and for the first time in eleven years it seemed as if her dear hand would not be equal to the task. The Braille writer was no available for Helen to write algebra and geometry in class and solve problems in physics. She couldn’t follow the geometrical figures drawn on the blackboard. The only way to get a clear idea was to make them on a cushion with straight and curved wires, which had bent and pointed ends. 

Answered by Snehal Naik | 4th Jan, 2016, 11:00: AM

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