the step up transformer converts low voltage input to high voltage. does it volatile the law of conservation of energy?

Asked by shifa siddiqui | 2nd Mar, 2011, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

Dear student,
The law of conservation of energy cannot be violated at all. The fact that voltage and current get “stepped” in opposite directions (one up, the other down) makes perfect sense when power is equal to voltage times current, and realize that transformers cannot produce power, only convert it. Any device that could output more power than it took in would violate the Law of Energy Conservation in physics, namely that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted. 
It makes a differnce in number of turns.In a step up transformer, the primary has lower number of turns than the secondary and vice versa in the case of step down transformer.
Hope this helps.
Thanking you

Answered by  | 1st Mar, 2011, 08:20: PM

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