The speaker is an important arch of the parliamentary edifice. Keeping this inview, describe the following.(a)His election as the chairman of the Loksabha.  (b)Any four of his functions.

Asked by samrudh1012 | 30th Jul, 2021, 02:08: PM

Expert Answer:

(a) The election for the Speaker of the Lok Sabha takes place among its own members. The Speaker is elected by a simple majority of those members who are present and voting. It is done soon after the newly elected House meets for the first time. The speaker is the presiding officer of the Lok Sabha.
(b) The functions of the speaker are
  • He adjourns the House or suspends the meeting in absence of a quorum.
  • He presides over the joint sitting of the two houses of the Parliament.
  • The speaker has to maintain order in the House. When members become uncontrollable, she/he may have to order them to withdraw. Also, he/she has the right to suspend members if they disregard the authority of the Chair. He can also adjourn the House, in case of disorder.
  • The Speaker is given the right to decide whether a Member of the Lok Sabha stands disqualified under the Anti-Deflection Law. Also, the Constitution says that the Speaker’s decision would be final and no court shall have any jurisdiction in this regard.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 30th Jul, 2021, 07:14: PM

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