the shock (and hence the pain) felt in the body due to an electric current depends on which of these? 1.the magnitude of voltage applied , or 2.the magnitude of current flowing in the circuit?

Asked by prassana | 27th Feb, 2011, 09:23: PM

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Both high voltages and current can be hazardous to us. As, both are proportional to each other.
The amount of current flow often determines the magnitude of injury. Ohm law states that current is directly proportional to the voltage and inversely proportional to resistance (I=V/R) and can be useful for calculating thecurrent flow during electric shock.
The use of a higher voltage leads to more efficient transmission of power; therefore, it is advantageous when transmitting large amounts of power to distribute the power with extremely high voltages (sometimes as high as hundreds of kilovolts). However, high voltages also have disadvantages, the main ones being the increased danger to anyone who comes into contact with them, the extra insulation required, and the increased difficulty in their safe handling.
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