'The rise of political parties is directly linked to the emergence of representative democracies'. Justify the statement with suitable examples

Asked by sujaysarkarspicejet | 24th Nov, 2015, 08:58: PM

Expert Answer:

When societies develop, exapnd and become more complex in terms of social, economic and political relations, they need political parties to sustain governance. Political parties tend to provide the base on which the praxis of representative government is built. They gather public views on various important issues, articulate them and then present them to the government. Parties bring various representiatives together, support or restrain government and its apparatus, develop policies, justify or oppose them in the public domain depending on their political ideology, etc,. These conditions are necessary for healthy development of representiative democracies. Hence, it can be said that political parties are essential for this purpose.

Answered by Soumil Shukla | 25th Nov, 2015, 01:07: PM

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