the right most non zero digit of 80^1365 is 2)the remainder when 17^i5 is divided by 9 is 3)how many of the first 2006 positive integers are divisible by all of the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 and 7 4)if a and b are real no. with a>1and b>0 such that ab=a^band a/b=a^3b then what is the value of a 7)(28-10root3)^1/2-(7+4root3)^-1/2

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Expert Answer:

(1) Consider 801365.
Since right most digit of 80 is 0,
So whatever be the power is the right most digit is always 0.

Answered by  | 29th May, 2012, 05:10: PM

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