the relation between time t and distance x is ax^2+bx,where a,b are constants. the retardation is

Asked by Rohan Astik | 10th May, 2013, 05:40: PM

Expert Answer:

Please note that probably you forgot the LHS while writing the relation between t and x. 
I think the correct equation would be t = ax^2+bx. Please let me know if this wrong. 
So, if t = ax^2+bx
then, differentiate both side with respect to time (t) 
dt/dt = 2ax.dx/dt + b.dx/dt 
1 = 2axv + bv 
v.(2ax + b) = 1 
 (2ax + b) = 1/v 
Again differentiate both side with respect to time (t) 
2a.dx/dt = -v -2 . dv/dt 
 2av = v -2 . acceleration 
acceleration = -2av 3
Hence, retardation= 2av 3

Answered by  | 11th May, 2013, 02:54: AM

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