the prospect of earning 1000rupees has stumilated the spoting & commercial instict of villagers . the lines suggest that money makes the man go. elabarate?

Asked by divyaabhi1999 | 31st Aug, 2014, 10:43: PM

Expert Answer:

Mrs. Packeltide had paid the villagers a thousand rupees to ensure that the hunting endeavour goes smoothly. The greed for money made them take Mrs. Packeltide’s silly whims seriously. Their children were posted to ensure that the tiger never leaves the intended hunting ground. Goats were left to lure him into the trap set by the villagers. They were anxious about the untimely death of the tiger which would foil Mrs. Packeltide’s plan. Mothers hushed their singing for the fear of disturbing the sleep of the old tiger.

They went to great lengths for the sake of the thousand rupees offered by Mrs. Packeltide. This was the driving force that made the villagers take up such a risky task as a sport. It gives us an insight into human behaviour and how man can risk his own life and that of others for the sake of gaining money. Through the story, Saki illuminates the fact that some people can do anything for money

Answered by Sandhya Raghavan | 1st Sep, 2014, 11:13: AM

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