the product of a fraction and difference of 3 5/6 and 2 1/3 is 1.find the fraction
i want to say something that this is the part of my holiday homework so don't consider the chapter and topic

Asked by omsingh | 26th May, 2015, 08:05: PM

Expert Answer:

L e t space t h e space f r a c t i o n space b e space apostrophe a apostrophe. D i f f e r e n t space o f space 3 5 over 6 space a n d space 2 1 third equals 23 over 6 minus 7 over 3 equals fraction numerator 23 minus 14 over denominator 6 end fraction equals 9 over 6 equals 3 over 2 a cross times 3 over 2 equals 1 therefore a equals 2 over 3 T h e space f r a c t i o n space i s space 2 over 3.

Answered by Prasenjit Paul | 27th May, 2015, 10:06: AM