the potential difference across the terminals of electric heater is 60v and it draws a current 4A what current current it draws when potential d

Asked by rajeevjain81211 | 15th Feb, 2020, 04:17: AM

Expert Answer:

The question is partially typed. So assuming that the potential difference have increased to120 V below is the solution for it- 
V= 60V
I = 4A
R= V/I =60/4= 15 ohms
Resistance of electric heater is 15 ohms 
Now if the Potential difference is increased to 120 V ( if there is any other value  of potential difference you can substitite in place of 120 and calculate in similar way  as given below) 
I= 120/ 15 = 8 A

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 15th Feb, 2020, 11:40: PM