The position of the particle is given by s=(2t^2-8t+6)m, wheret is in seconds. Determine the time when the velocity of the particle is zero, and the total distance traveled by the particle when t=3s.

Asked by Santosh Kumar Singh | 29th May, 2013, 06:58: AM

Expert Answer:

position, s  = 2t2 - 8t + 6
thus velocity is given as v= ds/dt
differentiating we get, v = 4t - 8
at v = 0,
T = 2 sec
and to find total distance of particle at t = 3sec:
the particle's vlocity changes direction at t =2sec
thus displacement of particle at t= 2 sec,
s1 = -2m
displacement of particle at t = 3sec
s2 = 0
thus displacemnt of particle in last one sec,
s3 = 0-(-2)  = 2 m
thus total displacemnt,
s = |s1| + s3 = 4 m

Answered by  | 29th May, 2013, 01:05: PM

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