the perimeter of certain sector of circle is equal to the half that of circle of which it is a sector the circular measure of one the angle of sector is  .....................................
plz solve it  

Asked by Sudhanshu Shridhar | 27th May, 2015, 09:46: PM

Expert Answer:

Let the raduis of the circle be 'r' and curved length of the sector be 'L'.
Then, the perimeter of the sector is 'L+2r'
Given that
L plus 2 r equals 1 half open parentheses 2 πr close parentheses rightwards double arrow L equals open parentheses straight pi minus 2 close parentheses r rightwards double arrow L over r equals straight pi minus 2 rightwards double arrow theta equals straight pi minus 2 space left parenthesis i n space r a d i a n s right parenthesis

Answered by satyajit samal | 29th May, 2015, 09:06: AM

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