The odometer of a vehicle reads 250km at the start of a journey and 750 km at the end of the journey. The time taken is 10hrs. find average speed in km/h and m/s

Asked by Devika PC | 3rd May, 2014, 11:58: PM

Expert Answer:

Average speed  = fraction numerator T o t a l space d i s tan c e space t r a v e l l e d over denominator T o t a l space t i m e space t a k e n end fraction
                       = fraction numerator open parentheses 750 minus 250 close parentheses k m over denominator 10 h r s end fraction
                       = 50 km/hr
Average speed of the vehicle is 100 km/hr
 50 km/hr = 50 cross times 5 over 18m/s
Average speed of the vehicle is 13.89 m/s

Answered by  | 5th May, 2014, 09:32: AM

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