the number of meiotic and mitotic division required to form 40 male gamets and 60 female comments from meiocyte having 48 chromosomes in a plant 

Asked by jhajuhi19 | 17th Dec, 2018, 10:52: AM

Expert Answer:

meiocyte is a type of cell that differentiates into gamete by the process known as meiosis.

In plants, the microspore mother cell (meiocyte) is diploid and divides meiotically to form 4 haploid microspores or pollen. This process involves 2 meiotic divisions. Each pollen then divides to form 2 male gametes. This process involves 2 mitotic divisions. Therefore, four pollen formed will undergo 8 mitotic divisions to form 8 male gametes.  

Therefore, to form 40 male gametes, the microspore mother cell has to undergo 10 meiotic and 10 mitotic divisions.

The megaspore mother cell (meiocyte) undergoes 2 meiotic divisions to form 4 haploid megaspores. 3 of the 4 megaspores degenerate and only one megaspore is left in each ovule. Functional megaspore undergoes three times mitosis to form one egg cell or female gamete.

Therefore, to form 60 female gametes, the megaspore mother cell has to undergo 120 meiotic and 180 mitotic divisions. 

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 20th Dec, 2018, 02:51: PM