the lines 2(x+3)=3(x+9) and y(a+1)=2(y-5) is a) parallel b) perpendicular c)both parallel to x-axis or d)both parallel to y-axis.And why?

Asked by Amyra B | 18th Jun, 2013, 07:45: PM

Expert Answer:

2x + 6 = 3x+27
x+21 = 0
x = - 21
line will be parallel to y -axis
Simplifying the equation of second line
ay+y = 2y -10
y(a-1) + 10 = 0
y (a - 1) = -10
y = -10/(a-1)
line is parallel to x-axis
So, while the first line will be parallel to y -axis, the second line is parallel to x-axis. 
Since, x and y axis are mutually perpendicular to one another, so these 2 lines would also be perpendicular to one another. 
hence option b is correct. 

Answered by  | 28th Nov, 2017, 02:21: PM