the horizontal distance between two tower is 75m and the angular depression of top the top of the first tower as seen from the top of the second tower,which is 160m high is 45degree. find the height of the first tower?

Asked by Jerin Shaji | 27th Jan, 2016, 06:04: PM

Expert Answer:

Let space straight T 1 space represent space tower space one space and space straight T 2 space represent space tower space two. Draw space CB space perpendicular space to space straight T 1. Angle space of space depression space is space 45 degree. So space using space alternate space angles space property space we space get angle straight C equals 45 degree  From space the space figure space we space can space see tan 45 degree equals straight x over 75 straight x equals 75 straight m  Height space of space straight T 1 space equals 75 plus 160 space equals 235 space straight m

Answered by  | 27th Jan, 2016, 06:23: PM

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