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Asked by dr.akanksha0411 | 7th Aug, 2020, 11:56: AM

Expert Answer:

We can in graph that t1/2 is constant and it  is independent of the concentration.
t subscript 1 divided by 2 end subscript space alpha left parenthesis 1 over a subscript o right parenthesis to the power of n minus 1 end exponent space
Where ao is the initial concentration of the reactant and n is the order of reaction.
For first order reaction, n=1 and t1/2 will be independant of ao. hence, the reaction is of first order. As t1/2 is independant of concentration so it is going to be same.
Time space required space to space complete space the space reaction space equals 2 straight t subscript 1 divided by 2 end subscript equals 2 cross times 10 equals 20 space minutes
So, n=1, t=20 minutes

Answered by Ravi | 9th Aug, 2020, 09:55: AM