The given fig shows a gas trapped in part X of an apparatus containing mercury .If the atmospheric pressure is 760mm If, then what is the pressure of the gas?

Asked by m.nilu | 18th Nov, 2018, 10:22: AM

Expert Answer:

Check the pressure entered at the required points in the figure.
If Patm is expressed as 760 mm of mercury, then additional pressure ' ρgh ' is 150 mm of mercury.
then pressure of trapped gas is ( 760 + 150 ) = 910 mm mercury
in terms of kPa :-    760 mm of mercury = 101.325 kPa ; hence 910 mm of mercury = (910/760)×101.325 = 121 kPa

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 18th Nov, 2018, 11:32: AM

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