The force on a cylindrical box is 1.2N . It has a circular cross section of radius 10cm . What pressure does it exert on the surface on which it is kept in a standing position?

Asked by Shawn | 11th Sep, 2015, 11:24: AM

Expert Answer:

The force on the box is F = 1.2 N
The radius of circular cross-section is r = 10 cm = 0.1 m
Now, pressure exerted by the cylinder in standing position on the surface is
begin mathsize 14px style straight P equals straight F over straight A equals straight F over πr squared equals fraction numerator 1.2 over denominator 3.14 cross times 0.1 squared end fraction equals 38.2 space straight N divided by straight m squared equals 38.2 space Pa end style

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 11th Sep, 2015, 12:02: PM