The equation of a certain gas can be written as ( t^7/5)/( p^2/5 )= const. Its specific heat at constant volume will be

Asked by shruthikamath | 29th Mar, 2019, 08:13: AM

Expert Answer:

The given equation  P^2/5×T^7/5 = constant 

Rearranging we get P^2×T^7 = constant 

Replacing the value of T from PV =net

We get 

P×V^7/9= constant 

For any polytropic process PV^z = constant heat capacity is given as

Cv = R/(γ-1)

Where y is the adiabatic constant and for any case its value must be greater than 1.

For the given data it's coming under polytropic process.

Answered by Ankit K | 29th Mar, 2019, 10:21: PM

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