The distance on the field point on the equatorial plane of a small electric dipole is halved. BY what factor , will the electric field due to dipole change ?

Asked by Ashish | 17th Apr, 2017, 02:50: PM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 12px style The space electric space field space due space to space straight a space dipole space along space the space equatorial space plane space is space inversely space proportional space to space cube space of space distance.
straight E proportional to 1 over straight r cubed
Since comma space straight r apostrophe equals straight r over 2
therefore straight E apostrophe proportional to fraction numerator 1 over denominator straight r apostrophe cubed end fraction equals 1 over open parentheses begin display style straight r over 2 end style close parentheses cubed equals 8 over straight r cubed
therefore straight E apostrophe equals 8 straight E
Hence comma space the space electric space field space due space to space dipole space will space become space 8 space times space the space original space field. end style

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 17th Apr, 2017, 06:11: PM