the distancde betwen a parallel plate capictor is 5d the positively charged plate is at x=0 and the negatively charged plate is at x=5d. Two slabs of equal thickness d is inserted bet ween them. One is conductor and another is dielectric. the conductor is placed at d and the dielectric is inserted at 3d. Plot the graph of potiential versusdistance graph

Asked by Ankan | 23rd Oct, 2014, 11:39: AM

Expert Answer:

The potential versus distance graph will be as shown below:
The potential decreases gradually from x = 0 to x = d.
As it encouters a conductor, the potential remains constant throughout the distance. Hence, it remains same from x = d to x = 2d.
Then it decreases again with the same rate as before till x = 3d.
Then, it encounters a dielectric because of which the rate of drop changes.
After this the drop is same as before till x = 5d, i.e., till the negative plate.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 27th Oct, 2014, 12:17: PM