The colonisation of vietnam by the french brought the people of the country in conflicts with the colonisers in all areas of life. Explain this statement with any four sutaible examples.

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Expert Answer:

The colonization of Vietnam by the French troops brought the native population in conflict with the colonisers mainly in military, economic, educational and religious fields. 

  1. The French troops had landed in Vietnam in 1858 and by the mid 1880’s they had taken control of the northern region in Vietnam. In 1887, the French Indo China was formed. The French made regular efforts to colonise most of Vietnam. This brought the French in direct conflict with the Vietnamese who mourned over the loss of their liberty. The national movement thus began to develop in Vietnam.
  2. The French expanded agricultural land in Vietnam by cutting huge chunks of jungles. Rice and rubber cultivation expanded in the region. However, these agricultural farms were largely controlled by the French and a small section of the local elite group. In rural areas the landlords held tight control over the peasants and the general standard of the people declined. The pace of industrialisation was too slow. The peasants and the middle class thus began to feel the negative effects of the French rule. Indentured labour also added to the miseries of the working and the poor classes.
  3. The Vietnamese came into conflict with the colonisers in the field of education too. The French introduced modern education in Vietnam in order to consolidate their own position. The traditional Vietnamese education was thus discouraged. The colonial education declared the French as modern and civilized people while the Vietnamese people were painted as uncivilized who needed to be reformed. This educational policy brought the Vietnamese in conflict with the French. The Vietnamese students also wanted to compete for the ‘white collar jobs’. This brought them in conflict with the colonisers and the Vietnamese traditional elite section of the society.
  4. The French also tried to interfere in the religious affairs of the Vietnamese. The Vietnamese practiced Buddhism, Confucianism and few local religions. Christianity was introduced by the French missionaries. This was resisted by the locals. This brought the latter in conflict with the French. Many religious movements hostile to the French thus emerged in Vietnam. One example of such conflict was the Hoa Hao movement.

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