The characteristic impedence of a coaxial wire line is of order 


Asked by jay7venture | 30th Aug, 2018, 08:05: PM

Expert Answer:

- The impedance of coaxial line is one of the major specifications associated with any part of coax cable.
- It determines the compatibility of the line with the system and the level of standing waves along with the capacity of power transfer.
- Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the appropriate coax impedance is chosen for any system.
- The impedance of the RF coax cable is chiefly governed by the diameters of the inner and outer conductors.
- Along with this,the dielectric constant of the material between the conductors of the RF coax cable has a bearing.
- The impedance is given by the formula:


    Zo = Characteristic impedance in Ω
    εr = Relative permeability of the dielectric
    D = Inner diameter of the outer conductor
    d = Diameter of the inner conductor

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 31st Aug, 2018, 11:55: AM