the boy is running .is this a balanced or unbalanced force?

Asked by my3shyll | 27th Jun, 2015, 05:49: PM

Expert Answer:

If two or more forces act on an object and they do not change the state of rest or motion of the object, then such forces are called balanced forces. Balanced forces cannot change the state of rest or motion of an object. They can however change the shape of the object.
Forces that cause a change in the motion of an object are called unbalanced force. If the speed or the direction of an object changes, then it is due to an unbalanced force acting on the object. An object will not change its state of motion (i.e., accelerate) unless an unbalanced force acts on it.
Hence, a boy running is an unbalanced force as it changes its state of motion.

Answered by Faiza Lambe | 29th Jun, 2015, 09:09: AM