the base BC of an equilateral triangle ABC lies on yaxis,the coordinates of point C are(0,-3),the origin is midpoint of the base find the coordinates A andB ,Also find thecoordinates of another point D such that BACD is a rhombus

Asked by mdraishbst | 19th Oct, 2018, 12:24: AM

Expert Answer:

O is the mid point of BC
so let B(x,y)
0=(x+0)/2   and   0 = (y-3)/2.......midpoint formula
x= 0 and y = 3
now we can find co ordinates of A 
using distance formula
AB = AC.......eqn.1
AB = BC......eqn.2
now D and D' are the two possible ways to construct the required rhombus.
suppose A(x,y)
now after finding A
use distance formula to find AD distance since AD = BC and AD = AB
also D' is possible too
use same method to find D'

Answered by Arun | 19th Oct, 2018, 10:19: AM