thanks for my previous question but my doubt is not yet cleared we say that life processes is necessary for doubt is whether plants can live without transpiration if not then why cant it be called photosynthesis

Asked by riya srivastava | 4th May, 2012, 04:25: PM

Expert Answer:

Life processes are the the maintainence processes that help the living organism to continue its survival. The organism has to carry out certain activities within its body to maintain its life. In digestion, respiration etc, the organism has to spend energy and carry out the various reactions and activities so that it can survive.
In transpiration, the water gets evaporated from the leaf surface. The plant does not perform any role in this. This process happens without the participation of the plant, due to external environment. But this evaporation of water from the leaf surface proves beneficial to the plant in many ways, but also causes problems to the plant.

Answered by  | 6th May, 2012, 08:46: AM

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