Surface Chemistry 

1) define . enthalpy of adsorption and extent of adsorption and adorption isobar 

2) what are the factors that influence the the adsorption of a gas on a solid ? 

3) how does the extent of adsorption in the solution phase vary with concentration of solution ? 

4) name the two groups into which the phenomenon of catalysis can be divided . Give an example of each group which chemical equation involved .

5)difference b/w peptisation and coagulation 

6) explain Hardy Schulze rule 





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Expert Answer:

enthalpy of adsorption
When adsorption takes place, the residual forces on the surface of the adsorbent decreases i.e. surface energy decreases. This is called as heat of adsorption.
Adsorption isobar:

A graph drawn between the amount of the gas adsorbed per gram of the adsorbent (x/m) and temperature ‘t’ at a constant equilibrium pressure of adsorbate gas is known as adsorption isobar.
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