Surface area and volumes

Asked by futureentrepreneur | 20th Sep, 2008, 02:13: PM

Expert Answer:

length of cylinder L=15cm

and radius R=49/2cm

radius of copper wire r = 3mm

in one round cu wire will cover a length of 6mm so total no.of rounds required to cover 15cm length of cylinder

no. of turns = 15cm / 6mm = 25

in one round length of cu wire used  = 2*pi*R = 154cm

so total length of cu wire used to cover the entire surface of the cylinder = 25*154 = 3850cm

cross sectional area of wire A = pi*(0.3)2 cm2

total volume V = A*3850 = 1088.56 cm3

weight of wire = V * 9gm/cm3 = 9797.05 gm

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