suppose you are old ali and finally you got a letter from your daughter miriam after waiting for a long time. write a letter to your friend expressing your extreme happiness.WRITE THE LETTER IN ABOUT 150 WORDS IN FULL PARAGRAPH.PLS DONT WRITE IN POINTS 
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Asked by smruti2002ranjan | 6th Jul, 2016, 07:35: AM

Expert Answer:

We do not advocate giving ready-made compositions. Kindly use the following points to frame a letter of your own.

  1. Her letter has finally arrived. I knew she would write to me.
  2. My joy knows no bounds. My perseverance finally bore fruit.
  3. A father’s heart knows his daughter more than anyone else.
  4. No one understood the bond we share.
  5. But I believed in her. I knew she would write to me and she finally has.
  6. Communication is the only thing which sets us humans apart from other living beings.
  7. Being connected through communication is what we need to live; even more than food.
  8. The hope of hearing from her has kept me alive all these years.

In case you have any doubts regarding the same kindly get back to us.

Answered by Valentina Trindade | 7th Jul, 2016, 12:03: PM

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