suppose we place a charge q1 inside a hollow conducting shell and another charge q2 outside the shell,we find that only the outside charge q2 feels a force due to the presence of q1 which is inside and q1 feels no force due to q2.why?

Asked by kiran | 9th Jun, 2013, 07:09: PM

Expert Answer:

We know that the electric field inside a conductor is zero. Thus, the charge inside the sphere wont feel any force over it.
Also the third law of newton is not violated as, the charge inside will induce a charge on the surface of sphere due to which the charge q2 will experience force and not due to charge q1 and due to this force, the sphere will also feel a force thus, no law is violated.

Answered by  | 9th Jun, 2013, 07:30: PM

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