suppose we have two set of charges of same magnitude q seperated at distance r from each other a third charge of magnitude -q is placed midway between the charges . it is displaced a small distance x . will its motion be shm . if yes find the time period and angular velocity of shm ?

Asked by SHIRISH SHUKLA | 14th Apr, 2012, 07:43: PM

Expert Answer:

It will not do SHM.
When you will displace the charge towards any other charge, say on towards the left charge, the distance between left charge and this charge will decrease and hence the force will increase , and the distance between middle and right charge will increase so the force between them decrease. so there will come a net force towards left. and since the charge is also displaced towards left, so it means there is no restoring force, hence it will not do shm.

Answered by  | 8th May, 2012, 09:03: PM

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