students of a class are made to stand in rows.if one student is extra in row,there wpuld be 2 rows less.if one student is less,there would be three rows more find the no of students in the class????????????????

Asked by shubham deshpande | 3rd Feb, 2013, 09:40: PM

Expert Answer:

Let the number of rows be x and number of students in a row be y.
Total number of students in the class
= Number of rows x Number of students in a row
= xy
According to the question,
Total number of students = (x - 2) (y + 1)
xy = (x - 2) (y + 1)

Total number of students = (x + 3) (y - 1)
xy =  (x + 3) (y - 1)

Simplify the above two equations to find the values of x and y.

Answered by  | 3rd Feb, 2013, 10:41: PM

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