student is standing at distance of 50 m from the bus.As soon as the bus begins its motion with an acceleration of 1m/s^2, the student starts running towards the bus with a uniform velocity u.assuming that the motion is along the straight road,find the minimum value of u the boy should attain to catch the bus .

Asked by pooja dev | 6th Jun, 2011, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

If the student catches the bus in time t, then the distance travelled by the bus,
Sb = 1/2 a t2 and the student,Ss = ut
Suppose the initial differnce between the two is d,
Ss = Sb+d
t =  (u +/- sqrt( u2 - 2ad))/a
The student will be able to catch the bus, if the time is real,
if u2 >= 2ad
d = 50m/s

Answered by  | 13th Jun, 2011, 01:49: PM

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