Story writting on the topic-
As soon as i switched on the computer o heard a big Boom..
 And everything was dark all around the town. Write a story with suitable title using hints in 200 -250 words

Asked by ABHILASHA | 8th Jul, 2017, 10:47: PM

Expert Answer:

This is a part of creative writing. You can work on the following points:
A cynic when it comes to old sayings or quotes-but a small incident taught me live everyday like it is the last-was pondering over the test the next day at school-but thought of playing a game and then move to studies-switched ON the computer-Boom...first thought-going blind-sister shouting about the power cut-thought about blindness put to rest-but panic struck entire house-was like the entire town was engulfed by darkness-the deafening sound came out of nowhere-felt like a massive explosion-because it was 2012-rumor-Earth will meet its end-Mayan calendar-or it was an alien invasion-the rumor spread like a wildfire-chaos all around-people started praying to save the day-I, in the middle of all these was caught in a dilema-though I wanted to believe that this might just be a normal power failure, the air around me became intense-I started to believe that the world is coming to an end-started contemplating on my life and regretted missing out on doing so many things-however, when we were expecting another massive boom or some kind of indication- lights were back-relieved-then informed-massive power failure at the electricity board-the main electric transformer got burned out-cause of power cut throughout the city-relief washed over the crowd-got over the myth 2012-world's end-I was embarrassed to admit-couldn't fathom the simple thought-power failure and not an alien invasion.

Answered by Athira | 10th Jul, 2017, 02:23: PM