Statement 1: Photons of the same frequency have the same energy and momentum.

Statement 2: When energy is incident on a metal, a part of absorbed energy is used to free the electron from the metal surface and the remaining is converted to thermal energy.

A. Both statements are true.

B. Only statement 2 is true.

C. Only statement 1 is true.

D. Both statements are false.

Asked by kushalv238 | 2nd Aug, 2021, 06:13: PM

Expert Answer:

Answer :- Only Statement-1 is true
Energy of photon = hν ; Momentum of photon p = h/λ = ( h ν ) / c 
where h is planck's constant, ν is frequency , λ is wavelength and c is velocity of photon .
Hence photons of same frequency have same energy and momentum .
When photon of energy E is absorbed in metal, part of its energy is used lo free the electron from metal surface and
remaining part is used to give kineteic energy of electron that has come out of metal surface

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 2nd Aug, 2021, 08:22: PM

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