State your observations when water gas is passed over steam. Justify your observation:
(A) Two colourless gases are evolved, as the products formed C O subscript 2   and H subscript 2 are colourless.
(B) Colourless gas is evolved; as, even though the products are C O subscript 2 and H subscript 2, one cannot distinguish between them.
(C) Either A or B.
(D) NOTA [None Of The Above].

Asked by bjayanta | 21st Nov, 2015, 02:42: PM

Expert Answer:

Option A is correct.
We can distinguish them by conducting test.
Test for CO2 :
Bubble the test gas through limewater - calcium hydroxide solution. Carbon dioxide turns limewater cloudy white.

Test for H2:
A lighted wooden splint goes pop if it is put into a test tube of hydrogen. This is because the flame ignites the hydrogen, which burns explosively to make a loud sound.

Answered by Arvind Diwale | 23rd Nov, 2015, 12:29: PM

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