state the advantages nd disadvantages of vegitative reproduction. any three for each.

Asked by pr_prashant | 11th Mar, 2011, 12:09: AM

Expert Answer:

Dear student,
a)  Vegetative propagation involves only one parent and hence no need for a partner.
b) This process is not dependent on external agencies  like wind or animals for pollination and dispersal.

c)  Fruit trees which do not produce viable seeds like banana and pineapple can be propagated by vegetative means only.

d)  The plants developed by vegetative methods bear fruits much quicker.


a) Overcrowding results from the lack of any dispersal mechanism, and therefore the new plants will grow to close to each other, forcing competition amongst the gathering of nutrients from soil and sunlight.

b)  Less variations are found in the new plants, hence they can adapt less to changes in environmental conditions.

c) The plants gradually lose their vigour as their is no genetic variation. They are more prone to diseases that are specific to the species.

d) Any mutations or bad qualities will be passed on, and cannot leave the life chain of that species


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