state ohms law. derive the relation and give graphical representation for it. urgrnt pl urgent pl

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In a conducting material, electron's drift speed depends on electric field E. Since the current density also depends on drift speed, we can consider that current density J is proportional to electric Field E. The proportionality constant σ is called conductivity of the material. The relation between current density J and electric field is given by
J = σE ...........................(1)
current density J = i / A, where i is the current flowing through the conductor and  A is area of cross section.
If there is a potential difference of ΔV volts across a length l of conductor, then electric field E = .ΔV / d ( units V/m)
normally conductivity σ is given in terms of resistivity ρ of the material and they are related as σ = 1 / ρ.
by substituting for j, E and σ in equation (1 ), we get
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Statement of Ohm's law:-
Potential difference across a conductor is the product of resistance and current flowing through it

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