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My question is from Novel 'A diary of young Girl' by Anne Franke
What relationship did Anne share with the plople of Annex

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Expert Answer:

Anne had a strained relationship with her mother Edith whom she blamed of being too sentimental and critical. Anne wanted her to be more mother like and affectionate. She shared a warmer relationship with her father Otto Frank and competed with her sister Margot for his affection. The Franks were joined by the van Daan family: Hermann, Auguste and their 16-year-old son Peter. Later, Albert Dussel a dentist by profession also joined the members of the annex. Although she was initially happy to finally have people to talk to, she also clashed with them due to the many problems associated with living in a crammed space. Once Anne had to share her room with Dussel and she found him to be insufferable. She did not take his intrusion lightly and hated his selfish and gluttonous ways. Hermann van Daan was just as greedy and selfish as Dussel was and Anne resented him too. She clashed with his wife Mrs. van Daan whom she considered selfish. Anne’s accounts of her are generally very unflattering. Mrs. van Daan was jealous of Anne since Peter confided in Anne rather than his own mother. Although Anne considered her overbearing, she did give her credit for being reasonable at times. At first, Anne did not have a very good opinion of Peter van Daan too, but she warmed up to him eventually. She considered him as a part of her extended family and eventually developed romantic feelings for him. She also had a strong bond with each of their helpers especially Bep Voskuijl, the young typist who worked for her father. 

Answered by Sandhya Raghavan | 23rd Sep, 2015, 08:17: PM

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