Solve following question URGENTLY: The refractive index of glass and water with respect to air are 3/2 and 4/3 respectively.If speed of light in glass is 2x10 raise to power 8 m/S, find speed of light in water?

Asked by nisha_vini29 | 16th Mar, 2017, 05:42: PM

Expert Answer:


Actually, ng = 3/2 and nw = 4/3.

Absolute Refractive Index of a medium = Speed of light in vacuum/Speed of light in the medium

Speed of light in glass = 2 x 108 m/s

Speed of light in water = (3 x 108 m/s)/(4/3)
                                        = 2.25 x 108 m/s

Answered by  | 16th Mar, 2017, 05:52: PM

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