solutions L-2
i wanted to ask
the substance which is larger quantity is solvent
and subatance in small quantity is solute
but if  in exam it is given  larger quantity is dissolved in smaller quantity of substance
like 89g of ethanoic acid is dissolved
in 45g of benzene
then in such exams how we can distinguish which is solute or solvent
that i wanted to know 

Asked by sukalp | 18th Jun, 2016, 09:02: AM

Expert Answer:

89 g of ethanoic acid is solvent and 45 g benzene is solute.
As larger quantity is solvent and smaller quantity is solute. 
Here, ethanoic acid is in solid state and benzene is in liquid state. Hence, ethanoic acid has to be dissolved in benzene. That does not mean ethanoic acid is a solute. 

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 20th Jun, 2016, 11:53: AM