sir , you said the ray of light travels the path which takes minimal time because of which it move towards the normal when it goes from a rarer medium to a denser medium. should'nt this be applicable when it moves from a denser medium to a rarer medium?? that time it moves away from the normal but wouldn't going towards the normal take less time as compared to going away from the normal???pls reply qcikly

Asked by  | 29th Jan, 2012, 12:51: PM

Expert Answer:

You can undersatnd that time taken=speed *distance .
consider two cases when light incident normally and light travels at an angle , The speed of light will be same in a medium. If light travel normally it has to travel the least path and so the time taken will be less than the any other path.   

Answered by  | 29th Jan, 2012, 01:09: PM

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