Sir while solving a homogenous differential or for solving particular solution at last the eqn comes out to be for eg:- integ.(dv/v^2)= integ.(dx/x). My question is that while in some cases we get the RHS to be (log x + log C) while in some are (log x + C) in the must solve solns.if there is a difference then how do we differentiate between the two? If there is no difference or one of them is wrong then which one is right? Pls help.

Asked by Drona | 15th Mar, 2013, 11:29: PM

Expert Answer:

There is no difference between the two of them - logx + logC or logx + C. You are just defining the constant in different ways and you can use either of them depending on which one will make your calculations easy. You can use either of them, none of them is wrong. 

Answered by  | 16th Mar, 2013, 05:05: AM

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